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Before sending us an email, please read the following and see if it answers your question.

 Note to Gmail users: Some order confirmation emails are not being received by Gmail accounts. If you ordered from us and paid, and did not receive a confirmation email, don't worry, there is no problem with your order. Your order will be shipped as usual even if you did not receive the email. Consider using an alternate email if you have one, as we work to get this fixed. 

Q: Can you tell me the status of my order?

A: Sorry, but we cannot answer these emails. We spend as much time as possible processing orders, so emails like this just slow us down. The time spent reading these emails could be the time spent shipping your order If you think there is a problem with your order, please email us..

Q: Can you sponsor me? I'm the best.
A: Sorry, we are not sponsoring at the moment. If we want you on the team, we will come to you. Please don't ask, we don't sponsor people who I don't know well personally either.

Q: When will ________ product be available? 
A: Products are hand made in limited quantities which takes a lot of time, so we usually don't know when any particular product is due to be in stock. Just check the site daily for new and restocked products.

Q: My order says awaiting payment or awaiting fullfillment, but I already paid. What is wrong?
A: The default status for an order is awaiting payment or fullfillment. If you have paid with paypal or credit card we've received the money, the site just always says that automatically. There's nothing wrong with your order and it will be shipped soon.

Q: I can't find my order?
A: You might have forgot to hit the "return to merchant" button after paying, which completes your order. However, there is nothing wrong if you forgot that, because we still have your order on file and it will be shipped soon.

Q: What is the difference between G15 and G15.12?
A: G15 deck has medium concave based off the g14 shape, and the g14.12 deck has lower concave, based off the g12 shape. For more information about any product, read the description when you click on that product.

Q: I see a product I want on the site, but it won't let me order it?
A: If it doesn't say "add to cart" next to an item, it is out of stock. Please check again later.

Q: I forgot my password and the new password feature isn't working.
A: You may create a new account in this situation. 

Q: Why do the prices change on some products?
A: Our products are constantly changing and evolving. Many products are hand made in Massachusetts USA, and many are hand made in Europe, and the prices can be higher or lower at times depending on the exchange rate between currencies.

Orders are shipped to the Shipping Address you provide. It is important not to forget to include your apartment number if you have one. If you make a mistake and the item gets returned to us, you will have to pay shipping again for us to re-ship to a new address.

For international shipping, we are not responsible for your local customs/duty fees. Each country is different and has their own fees and regulations.

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