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In addition to the Fingerboard Rendezvous event, which is held twice a year, we also have a monthly fingerboard store/session which is open to the public for free! It is in the Rendezvous building and we have all the parks there to use. Keep an eye on this page for announcements and dates.


Rendezvous 31 - Postponed until further notice for everyone's health!

Fingerboard Rendezvous and Store Sessions are located in MA

Fingerboard Rendezvous is the first and biggest public fingerboard event in the USA. At Rendezvous you will get to ride the latest and greatest ramps and parks, and meet new fingerboarding friends from across the country who share the same passion of fingerboarding as you, as well as many famous fingerboarders from the FlatFace and Blackriver teams. There are contests and raffles with prizes from some great companies such as Flatface, Blackriver, Berlinwood, and many more. The Rendezvous is in our new location in the same building, with loads of improvement across the board, including better setup, lighting, planning and more! It's going to be the best one yet!

Rendezvous 10, 2011 • Jay Linehan Photo

Rendezvous 10, 2011 • Jay Linehan Photo


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